Brunata's turnaround and generational change create growth

Brunata is currently undergoing a turnaround aimed at creating growth on the Danish and international markets. During the last financial year, Brunata has therefore invested massively in upgrading strong core products and new services to ensure Brunata’s growth in the long term. The investments have already had a positive effect on Brunata – the first four months of the current financial year showed a four per cent growth in turnover for the company. 

As a natural part of Brunata’s turnaround, a generational change has been implemented by the owner family in October 2015. Eva Fischer Hansen has taken over as Chairman of the Board from her father, Jens Peter Fischer Hansen – the main shareholder of Brunata a/s. Jens Peter Fischer Hansen will remain active at Brunata as Deputy Chairman of the Board.

It has been important to the family that the generational change was a joint decision to safeguard Brunata’s future. Eva Fischer Hansen was an obvious choice as the new Chairman of the Board, as she has been Deputy Chairman since 2012 and has a modern understanding of management and strategy. With regards to the generational change, Eva Fischer Hansen says:  I am delighted that the family and especially my father are confident about my ability to take on the position of Chairman of the Board. I look forward to contributing to the strengthening and development of Brunata.

As a result of the massive investments and the generational change, Brunata is now far more competitive on both the Danish and the international markets.

You can read more about Brunata’s turnaround and generational change in the 12 October 2015 issue of Børsen and the 13 October 2015 issue of Berlingske. 

You can also read more about the Board of Brunata here.


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