The growth at Brunata is not just financial. The company’s latest culture survey shows that employee satisfaction is also increasing for the fourth year running. ”Three years ago, we decided to work deliberately on Brunata’s...[tovább]


Brunata is now reaping the benefits of a focused and intense turnaround and generational handover. Lead by new chairman of the board and shareholder Eva Fischer Hansen, the Danish-owned and international family business has...[tovább]


Mr. Keld Forchhammer is the new CEO of Brunata. Former CEO Mr. David Friisholm seeks new challenges after five years at the Danish-owned international family business - includ-ing the past two years as CEO.[tovább]


Brunata is currently undergoing a turnaround aimed at creating growth on the Danish and international markets. During the last financial year, Brunata has therefore invested massively in upgrading strong core products and new...[tovább]


Brunata took part in the 2015 All-Energy conference and exhibition, that took place May 6-7 in Glasgow[tovább]


In the new issue of BrunataUpdate you can read about what has happened in and around the company during the last six months[tovább]


Repair of damage from damp can cost millions of Danish kroner. Resident behaviour is often one of the reasons for the increasing frequency of damage from damp in Danish housing associations, but such cases are not covered by...[tovább]


After five months as interim CEO at Brunata International a/s, David Friisholm has now taken up the position of new chief executive at Brunata, which supplies consumption measuring, allocation accounts and sustainable initiatives...[tovább]


Brunata has launched its new hand terminal Brunata IKON. We use the new state-of-the-art tool to test the meters at installation and before leaving the flat.[tovább]


In the new issue of BrunataUpdate you can read about what has happened in and around the company during the last six months[tovább]

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The released study, Sustainia100, covers new efforts to turn the fashion and food industries, homes, offices and transportation systems more efficient and sustainable. [tovább]


People do not begin to change their habits until they get information and focus on their consumption.[tovább]


As CEO in Brunata International a/s since the autumn of 2011, Michael Staal has been in the lead of major and positive changes in Brunata, with the focus on building a strong organisation, establishing strategy and introduction...[tovább]


New humidity meters in all flats have already prevented one incidence of costly damage from damp at Ikast Cooperative Housing Association. Repair of major damage from damp typically costs hundreds of thousands of Danish kroner,...[tovább]


In the latest edition of our newsletter BrunataUpdate you can see how Ikast Cooperative Housing Association avoids out-of-control consumption and humidity. Brunata also joined the innovation platform Sustainia and its...[tovább]


What are the 100 solutions that can make a real sustainable society?[tovább]


In the new issue of BrunataUpdate you can read about what has happened in and around the company during the last six months[tovább]


A new EU directive (EED) gives Brunata a significant potential for international growth. To be prepared, changes are made in the Danish cleantech company with almost 100 years of tradition of delivering metering, billing and fair...[tovább]


Brunata was a proud partner when chairman of the IPCC , Rajendra Pachauri , along with a number of ambitious companies, organizations and celebrities gathered in Copenhagen to celebrate some of the best sustainable solutions at...[tovább]


After the latest general meeting in Brunata international a/s 3 new and externally recruited board members were elected.[tovább]

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